lundi, juillet 06, 2009

No 42 - JUIN 2009

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Roland Halbritter a dit...

I would like to inform you about my new mail art call: Otto von Bismarck.

send your mail art on this famous politician Otto von Bismarck. For 2011 there will be a Mail Art Exhibition in Bad Kissingen, Museum Obere Saline - Bismarck Museum. Press release will follow next.

Send you submissions to:


Roland Halbritter

Muehlweg 15

97720 Nuedlingen


RF Côté (reg) a dit...

Hi Roland,

It's done. Your project will be announced in the next issue. Interesting project. I don't know were to strat from...
Best regards,


Roland Halbritter a dit...

thanks, I will send some perforated stamps for it as well